Archetype Paragon Mfg. Inc.

Archetype Paragon Mfg. Inc. provides machined parts to customers.


Company Profile

Company founded in 2007 for customers need for quality, prototyping design and production.  We provide machined parts to customers satisfaction basis on quality, turn around and price.



General machining services within .0001" tolerances. Full 4th axis capabilities. Materials machined are all aluminum, steels and plastics. Work envelope is 20" x 16" x 20" arrangements can be made for larger items if needed.


Prototype machining while working on a small written diagram. Parts from existing projects. 
Cad files drawn up. A idea drawn on scratch paper. We will make your product from start to finish while working closely with
your ideals to maintain your product. Material selection coatings, all can be working into your final product.


While similar to prototype we offer design changes to your product. Whether it be simple material changes for cost or a 
complete redesign of a proven concept we will work with you to provide the best quality services and prices.


Fully capable of production levels that compete with quality price and time of the competitors. 
Ranges from 1 pieces to 1,000 of pieces or more.

Reverse Engineering

Have a part or product that needs to be produced? A item lost in design and historical manufacturing? We can recreate it.
Bring the product in for evaluations and quotations.